The Conversation: Why are bigger animals more energy-efficient? A new answer to a centuries-old biological puzzle

Referencing research by SFI Faculty Geoffrey West and External Faculty Brian Enquist.

Cosmopod: A life in Marxist Economics and Education with Sam Bowles

Spotlighting SFI Faculty Sam Bowles.

Closer to Truth: Do Science and Religion Conflict? (YouTube)

Spotlighting SFI External Faculty Daniel Dennett.

Zipe Education: What Is Planck’s Constant, and Why Does the Universe Depend on It?

Quoting SFI External Faculty Fred Cooper.

University of Texas at Austin: Delays in Contact Tracing Impeded Early COVID-19 Containment

Quoting SFI External Faculty Lauren Ancel Meyers.

The Boston Globe: Experts say waste water testing, crucial for COVID-19, could be useful for monkeypox — and the next big disease

Quoting SFI External Faculty Sam Scarpino.

The Guardian: Despite climate, war and Covid, is everything actually…getting better?

Referencing the research of SFI External Faculty Aaron Clauset.

Live Science: Why is there so much biodiversity in the tropics?

Highlighting research of SFI External Faculty Andrew Dobson.

Physics World: Babies have an innate understanding of symmetry

Quoting SFI Co-Founder Philip Anderson.

NPR: These photos are shedding new light on how fireflies interact with the world

Spotlighting research by SFI External Faculty Orit Peleg.

Citywire: Four things poker taught me about investing

Referencing thoughts of SFI Trustee Michael Mauboussin.

The 20 Minute VC: 13 of the Great Investing Minds on When to Pay Up vs When To Remain Disciplined and Walk Because the Price is too High

Includes thoughts of SFI Trustee Bill Gurley.

Bloomberg Opinion: The Omicron BA.5 Wave Is Starting to Ebb. We Need to Know Why.

Quoting SFI External Faculty Sam Scarpino.

Fast Company: Small nuclear reactors finally get the nod from regulators, but they still have a lot to prove

Quoting SFI Trustee Josh Wolfe.

NBC News: Study Finds Having Wealthy Friends Can Help People Escape Poverty

Highlighting research by SFI External Faculty Matthew Jackson.

McKinsey & Company: 2022 summer reading guide from leaders, authors, and editors

Includes "Scale" by SFI Faculty and Past President Geoffrey West, and "The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt’s New World" by SFI External Faculty Andrea Wulf.

American Psychological Association: Can we unlearn implicit biases?

Spotlighting SFI External Faculty Mahzarin Banaji.

Daily Mail: AI predicts crime a week in advance with 90 per cent accuracy - but may also perpetuate racist bias

Quoting SFI External Faculty James Evans.

Yahoo News: AI predicts crime a week before it happens

Referencing research by SFI External Faculty James Evans.

Science Times: New Anti-Crime AI Algorithm Predicts Activities One Week Ahead With 90% Accuracy, Reveals Bias in Police Work

Quoting SFI External Faculty Jame Evans.