Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC): Free will, consciousness and AI: a conversation with Daniel Dennett

Interview of SFI External Professor Daniel Dennett. 

The Big Issue: Rishi Sunak’s net zero U-turn is a ‘big miscalculation’ that will ultimately backfire. Here’s how

Quotes SFI External Professor Doyne Farmer. Mentions research done by SFI External Professor Doyne Farmer. 

The Paris Review: J. G. Ballard’s Brilliant, Not “Good” Writing

Written by SFI Miller Scholar Tom McCarthy. 

The New York Times: A Vanishing Nomadic Clan, With a Songlike Language All Their Own

Mentions research done by SFI External Professor Steve Lansing. 

Orlando Sentinel: Trump's hold on GOP presidential races squeezes out DeSantis, even in Florida

Quotes SFI External Professor Jenna Bednar. 

Forbes: CDC Awarding More Than $250 Million For Network Of 13 Infectious Disease Forecasting Centers

Mentions SFI Science Board Member & External Professor Lauren Ancel Meyers. 

Psychology Today: The Brain Economy Playbook

Authored by SFI External Applied Complexity Fellow William Hynes. 

Nature: A test of artificial intelligence

Mentions and quotes SFI Professor Melanie Mitchell. 

Forbes: The New Economic Thinking Behind The Microsoft/ Activision Merger

Mentions SFI External Faculty Suresh Naidu. 

Knowable Magazine: What would signal life on another planet?

Mentions research collaboration done with SFI Professor Chris Kempes. 

The Economist: How Chicago school economists reshaped American justice

Mentions SFI External Faculty Suresh Naidu. 

The Wall Street Journal: How Worried Should We Be About AI's Threat to Humanity? Even Tech Leaders Can't Agree.

Includes and quotes debate SFI Professor Melanie Mitchell participated in. 

Financial Times: Behind the fraud drama rocking academia

Mentions and quotes SFI External Professor Paul Smaldino. 

The Boston Globe: What do Barbie Land and Los Alamos have in common?

References SFI Professor and Past President Geoffrey West. 

Scientific American: The Founder of Cosmic Inflation Theory on Cosmology's Next Big Ideas

References SFI Fractal Faculty and External Professor Sean Carroll. 

NBC News: China had nearly 2 million excess deaths after end of 'zero-Covid,' U.S. study finds

References SFI External Professor Lauren Ancel Meyers.

The Guardian: Four Ways of Thinking by David Sumpter review - safety in numbers?

Mentions the Santa Fe Institute. 

Nature: Want a sustainable future? Then look to the world's cities

References SFI Professor and Past President Geoffrey West. 

Quanta Magazine: Andreas Wagner Pursues the Secrets to Evolutionary Success

References and quotes SFI External Professor Andreas Wagner. 

Bloomberg News: Ricardo Hausmann Explains Why Economic Complexity Is So Important

Podcast episode interviewing SFI External Professor and Science Board Co-chair Ricardo Hausmann.