Science Magazine: AI’s challenge of understanding the world

Article written by Professor Melanie Mitchell. 

BBC Sounds: Carlo Rovelli: Life, the universe and white holes

Podcast featuring Fractal Faculty Carlo Rovelli. 

The New York Times: How Democrats Lost Voters With a 'Compensate Losers’ Strategy

Mentions and quotes External Professor Suresh Naidu. 

Science News: The CDC is expanding its disease surveillance of international travelers

Mentions and quotes External Professor Samuel Scarpino. 

Der Spiegel: Weckruf der Natur

Mentions External Professor Andreas Wagner. 

Down East Magazine: Philosopher Daniel Dennett On the Illusion of Consciousness

Profile and interview featuring External Professor Daniel Dennett. 

Noema Magazine: How Positive Climate Tipping Points Could Save Our Planet

Mentions and quotes External Professor Marten Scheffer. 

Scientific American: A Possible Crisis in the Cosmos Could Lead to a New Understanding of the Universe

Mentions and quotes Science Board Fellow David Gross. 

The Wall Street Journal: Stacking Boxes? Treating Cancer? AI Needs to Learn Physics First

Mentions and quotes External Professor Karen Willcox.

Investor's Business Daily: An Astrophysicist Takes Bold Risks And Leads With Big Questions

Mentions External Professor France Cordova. 

Nature: AI ‘breakthrough’: neural net has human-like ability to generalize language

Mentions Professor Melanie Mitchell.

The New Statesman: What Daniel Dennett gets wrong

Mentions External Professor Daniel Dennett. 

Nautilus: Is the Hard Problem Really So Hard?

Mentions SFI External Professor Daniel Dennett. 

Big Think: Reimagining alien life: A new model focuses on function over form

Mentions research done by SFI External Professor Sara Walker and SFI Professor David Wolpert. 

NM Political Report: From lawsuits to legislation: How artificial intelligence is affecting the creative economy

Mentions External Professor Melanie Moses. 

The Science Times: New ‘Assembly Theory’ Closes Gap Between Reductionist Physics, Darwinian Evolution, Physicist Says

Mentions and quotes External Professor Sara Walker. 

The Wall Street Journal: How the Best AI Imitates Children

Mentions External Professor Alison Gopnik. 

The New York Times: The A.I. Wars Have Three Factions, and They All Crave Power

Mentions and quotes Miller Scholar Ted Chiang and External Professor Cosma Shalizi. 

Scientific American: Is Consciousness Part of the Fabric of the Universe?

Mentions SFI Fractal Faculty and External Professor Sean Carroll. 

The New York Times: The Miracle and Madness of Science That Changed the World

Written by SFI Miller Scholar Tom McCarthy.