The Jim Rutt Show: Jessica Flack & Melanie Mitchell on Complexity

Interviewing SFI Davis Professor Melanie Mitchell and SFI Professor Jessica Flack.

KCRW's Left, Right & Center: This town hall aint big enough for the two of us

Interviewing SFI External Professor Lauren Ancel Meyers, regarding her research with SFI Professor Michael Lachmann and Ut's Spencer Fox (first described in SFI Transmission T-034).

Outliers with Daniel Scrivner: Laurence Gonzales: The Incredible Neuroscience of Survival

Interviewing former SFI MIller Scholar Laurence Gonzales.

Aeon: Cognition all the way down

Op-ed by SFI External Professor Daniel Dennett.

Wired: New York Is Trying Targeted Lockdowns. Will It Stop a Second Wave?

Quoting SFI External Professors Lauren Ancel Meyers and Sam Scarpino.

Los Alamos Daily Post: Santa Fe Institute Scientist Sidney Redner Awarded 2021 Leo P. Kadanoff Prize From American Physical Society

Featuring SFI Professor Sidney Redner.

Edutopia: Will Ditching Calculus Make Math More Relevant?

Citing a recent Salon op-ed by SFI External Professor Dan Rockmore.

The Scotsman: Learning from Academia

Featuring Baillie Gifford, a member firm in SFI Applied Complexity Network, and citing the ACtioN network.

Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien: The Hard Truth About Bias

Featuring SFI External Professor Mahzarin Banaji.

Todd Nief's Show: Albert Kao on the Wisdom of Crowds and Hyperconnected Networks

Interviewing SFI Omidyar Fellow and Baird Scholar Albert Kao.

KSFR: Big Data Expert Weighs in on Big Data's Influence on Political Climate and Election

Interviewing SFI Professor Cristopher Moore.

Santa Fe New Mexican/Pasatiempo: Standing the test of time: Photographer William Frej and Maya ruins

Reviewing a new book and gallery exhibit, Maya Ruins Revisited, with essays by SFI External Professor Emeritus and Past President Jerry Sabloff and photos by William Frej.

The New York Times: N.Y.C.’s School Testing Plan May Miss Large Outbreaks, Study Finds

Quoting SFI External Professor Lauren Ancel Meyers and citing her work with SFI Professor Michael Lachmann.

TED: 10 years to transform the future of humanity — or destabilize the planet

Citing research by External Professors Marten Scheffer, Tim Kohler, and their colleagues.

Axios: When society faces the unprecedented

Quoting SFI President David Krakauer.

The Atlantic: This Overlooked Variable Is the Key to the Pandemic

Quoting SFI External Professor Sam Scarpino, in work related to his preprint with SFI Professor Cris Moore and collaborators.

City Journal: A Primal Struggle for Dominance

Featuring research by SFI Professor Jessica Flack.

Lit Hub: How Storytellers Use Math (Without Scaring People Away)

A book review by SFI External Professor Dan Rockmore.

The Week: Why some artificial intelligence is smart until it's dumb

Quoting SFI Davis Professor Melanie Mitchell and citing her book AI: A Guide for Thinking Humans. 

Salon: Is it time to kill calculus?

An op-ed by SFI External Professor Dan Rockmore.