Santa Fe Reporter: Listen Up

Highlighting Episode 41 of SFI's Complexity podcast, with Postdoctoral Fellow Natalie Greffenstette.

Los Alamos Daily Post: Neeper: Has Social Complexity Acquired AI?

Quoting SFI Professor Cris Moore.

The Good Men Project: Let the Institutional Innovation Begin!

Featuring work by SFI Professor Sam Bowles and SFI External Professor Wendy Carlin.

Ensia: Opinion: We need massive societal change if we're going to survive and thrive on Earth

Citing a recent Aeon essay by SFI Professors Jessica Flack and Melanie Mitchell.

KSFR: The Last Word: September 10, 2020 Gary F. Bengier

Interviewing SFI Trustee Gary Bengier on the topic of his new sci-fi novel, Unfettered Journey.

Aeon: Origin story

Featuring SFI Professor Chris Kempes, External Professor Eric Smith, External Professor Sara Walker, and President David Krakauer.

Washington Post: Experts warn U.S. covid-19 deaths could more than double by year’s end

Quoting SFI External Professor Lauren Ancel Meyers.

Financial Times: Fears for US recovery grow as virtual schooling continues

Quoting SFI External Professor Ross Hammond.

Computer Business Review: Why Musk’s “Bionic Pig” Represents an “Uncomfortable Dialectic”

Quoting SFI External Professor John Krakauer.

KSFR: SFI-Led Study Asks "Political Divisiveness Or Political Games?"

Interviewing SFI Omidyar Fellow Vicky Chuqiao Yang on the subject of her recent study in SIAM review.

The Atlantic: All That Performative Environmentalism Adds Up

Citing new research by SFI External Professor Matthew Jackson.

Sustainability Times: Invest in forest, wildlife protection to prevent pandemics

Featuring research by SFI External Professor Andy Dobson and his collaborators.

The Week: Learning from the collective wisdom of animals

Featuring work by former External Professor Deborah Gordon, first published in Knowable Magazine.

Quanta: How Close Are Computers to Automating Mathematical Reasoning?

Featuring work by SFI External Professor Simon DeDeo, which he presented to SFI during a lunch seminar.

Knowable: Why some artificial intelligence is smart until it's dumb

Quoting SFI Davis Professor Melanie Mitchell and citing her book AI: A Guide for Thinking Humans. 

Smithsonian Magazine: Scientists Discover Exposed Bacteria Can Survive in Space for Years

With commentary from SFI Postdoctoral Fellow Natalie Grefenstette.

Big Think: How math predicts life on Earth and the universe beyond

Interviewing SFI Distinguished Shannan Professor Geoffrey West.

Aeon: Uncertain times

Esssay by SFI Professor Jessica Flack and Davis Professor Melanie Mitchell.

MarketWatch: Opinion: Why the COVID-19 'baby bust' could impact stock prices

Citing research by SFI External Professor John Geanakoplos.